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Two headstone photos were uploaded to Woodland Cemetery, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and they should have gone to Chesterfield Cemetery, Oxford Road, Ontario  N0J 1B0.  Surname is Garland...John C. Garland and Gordon Garland.

(1.6 MB)

Looks like you have images for these in both cemeteries. The one I could find in Woodland appears to be done with the BG app but the GPS pin for it appears on top of a home not in either cemetery. Both are in the Chesterfield cemetery as well but the border indicates that they were not uploaded via the APP  but directly from the phone as a Supporting Record. Those will not have the GPS coordinates. 

You need need to send a ticket to support and include the URLS of all those images and records. Request that they move the ones taken with the BGapp to the Chesterfield Cemetery, and then delete those that were non-app uploads. 

I have a similar problem. I took photos all at Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but at some point, (I must have backed up in the app,) and it put some of the photos in St. John Lutheran Cemetery in Fort Wayne before I noticed something was wrong. Then I couldn't figure out a way to switch the name of the cemetery for those photos.

This individual is buried in the Jewish Cemetery in Waterbury, CT, not the Old Watertown Cemetery.

I think you are mistaken; the stone of John Danisevich has a Christian Cross. It is actually in the Lithuanian Cemetery Association unit.  But, in your defense, the two cemeteries were drawn incorrectly in the BG map system, so they were completley overlapped. I have now corrected those boundaries, and it appears that no photos have been taken in the Jewish Cemetery.  The City of Waterbury GIS system clearly shows the boundaries between those two cemeteries. 


The problem was that the individual who died in 1978  was listed in the Old Watertown Cemetery, but this cemetery has had no new burials since 1926.  Whatever you did corrected the problem.  Thanks.

On 10/07/2019 I Took 123 pictures at forest Lawn Cemetery 19 are correct the other 104 uploaded to olive branch cemetery= I searched help tried to change the boundaries- edited the cemetery information- but I think I made it worse- while it now states Forest Lawn Cemetery the boundary lines went back to Olive Branch and the Cemetery gate picture still shows Olive Branch- I did not want to change the name of Olive Branch I just wanted my images recorded in the right Cemetery= I would like to fix this before I transcribe- Can you help put my 104 photos in the right Cemetery and fix the mess I made. My email is you will see my 104 images waiting for me to transcribe on my page

@Mary J This issue has been fixed. I also placed the correct photos on the cemetery page. 

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