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Don't have a smartphone - do I need the app to request a photograph?

Hello,  I know the location of the cemetary, the location (block, row and grave number) and directions to block - how do I request to have a photo taken if I don't have a smartphone to download the app?

Thank you

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No you can do this from the website. 

 Open the cemetery from the BG home page. 

Click on the Research tab, and scroll down below the search field. 

Under tab for My Photo Requests, you can click on the Make a Photo Request button.

Fill in the form with the information you already have and submit. If someone in that area is active, they will get an email prompt that a request has been submitted. You should know that the radius of "nearby" is pretty big, and not everyone who gets the note will respond.  If your cemetery is in an urban or built up area, more likely to get a photo taker.  Good Luck. 


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