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Changing a photo

I am new to all this and while browsing the site I found my son's grave. The headstone picture is awful. How do I get that changed?
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If you are near the cemetery, you can add the BG app to your smartphone, take a new photo and upload it to the cemetery. Once it is uploaded you can merge it into the record already there. Once the new good photo is attached to the original record you can then send a request back to support with the URL of the bad photo and request that they remove it from the record. 

If you can't get to the cemetery yourself, you can go to the cemetery page and put in a photo request to ask some other volunteer to take one for you. 

You can find pretty good directions for doing these up in the help menus. You just have to scroll and search for the right directions. 

Good luck and let us know if you need more help. Sorry that the photo is not a good one, but a lot of the images are taken by new users and sometimes youth groups who don't always take care to be sure the images are good ones. 


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