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Uploading one image at a time

I have taken 200 photos on the app.  How do I upload only few of them or only a certain photo to transcribe myself right now?  I would not have time right now to transcribe all 200 within two weeks if I uploaded them all at one time.

By touching the picture on your phone that you wish to transcribe will bring up the option to upload, view, delete, etc.  Touching the upload button will upload just that image.

Thanks for your response.  However, when I touch a photo on my phone, only the options of "View" and "Transcribe" and "Cancel" pop up -- no "Upload" choice appears.  Or if I select "Edit" while looking at my photo, the options of "Remove," "Re-Upload" and "Select All" come up.  The "Re-Upload" choice does not seem to send the photo to my BillionGraves account for me to transcribe it on my computer.  I cannot figure out what the "Re-Upload" option is supposed to do with not previously uploaded photos.

I have found that by canceling the regular uploading of all my photos in the middle of the upload process, only a small manageable quantity of photos make it to my computer, which works for me -- it's just not the specific photo I wanted to work on.  I will have to "get lucky" in order to do that.:)

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