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Photos gone to wrong cemetery

Photos sent to White Oaks Cemetery London Ontario instead of to Christ Church Pioneer Cemetery Glanworth London Ontario. Co-ordinates are : 42.8656930, -81.2127376

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I think this is now fixed. I reset the boundaries for both cemeteries and all should be OK. Please check and make sure all the images are in the right places. 

No, you still have pictures I have taken at the wrong location. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO WHITE OAKS CEMETERY. Those photos there which I took on 12 August 2019 should be in CHRIST CHURCH PIONEER CEMETERY At Glanworth. Could you please move them over, and remove White Oaks Cemetery from my list? Thank you Pat Maule St Thomas ON
Nope they are still in White oaks Cemetery. They must go to CHRIST CHURCH PIONEER CEMETERY in Glanworth,London, ON.

This has been moved. The Christ Church Cemetery was not added in.  However, it is now. 

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