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Photos gone to wrong cemetery

Photos sent to White Oaks Cemetery London Ontario instead of to Christ Church Pioneer Cemetery Glanworth London Ontario. Co-ordinates are : 42.8656930, -81.2127376

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I think this is now fixed. I reset the boundaries for both cemeteries and all should be OK. Please check and make sure all the images are in the right places. 

No, you still have pictures I have taken at the wrong location. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO WHITE OAKS CEMETERY. Those photos there which I took on 12 August 2019 should be in CHRIST CHURCH PIONEER CEMETERY At Glanworth. Could you please move them over, and remove White Oaks Cemetery from my list? Thank you Pat Maule St Thomas ON
Nope they are still in White oaks Cemetery. They must go to CHRIST CHURCH PIONEER CEMETERY in Glanworth,London, ON.

This has been moved. The Christ Church Cemetery was not added in.  However, it is now. 

Please help! We did this as an Eagle Scout project to identify veterans' graves. Of our 440 entries, all for Ankeny Memorial Gardens on N Ankeny Blvd, 129 photos uploaded from one person's phone, went incorrectly to the Oralabor Cemetery on SE Oralabor Rd. in Ankeny, IA. In my attempts to solve the issue, I clicked "edit cemetery" and tried to change the address and location, but it kept adding cemeteries like Highland Memorial Gardens and Pinehill Cemetery. Now it looks like our group contributed to several cemeteries, but the pin remains at the SE Oralabor location. The pictures and names of the cemeteries, themselves seem incorrect now as well. Is there any way to move the location of the 129 mismarked transcriptions, so all of our photos are in one place at Ankeny Memorial Gardens?  There should be no other locations associated with our account. Thank you!

Please help! Of the 440 photos our Boy Scout Troop took in Ankeny Memorial Gardens on N Ankeny Blvd, 129 uploaded from 1 phone went to the Oralabor Cemetery on SE Oralabor Rd in Ankeny, IA. In my attempts to solve the problem, I tried to edit the name, address and location, but it kept adding other cemetery locations, so now it looks like our group has contributed to 3 cemeteries. And the pictures and names of the cemeteries, themselves appear wrong. But the pin for the location of the 129 is still at SE Oralabor. Can you please put all of our 447 uploads into Ankeny Memorial Gardens and have only that cemetery associated with our account? Thank you!

This will require some work by tech staff.

Has most of the pins loaded by troop88. (duplicate) 

has 3 junk photos attached at a nearby home. Need to delete these and this cemetery duplilcate.

This one has 129 pins from Troop 88 but they are not in the cemetery; they are pinned at a home onSW Godwin st.. Zoom out and scroll to the SW and you will see those as a single pin or a circle with 129 in it . Those will need to be bulk moved back to the cemetery and the GPS corrected on them - not sure how you can do this trick. 

Highland cemetery they mentioned does not apparently have any pins from troop 88. 

My app placed photos in a neighboring cemetery. This has not happened before. I took 35 pics today in the Greenacres Memorial Park cemetery in Whatcom Co, WA and 11 of them are shown to be in the Woodlawn Cemetery several miles away. HELP! Do I upload them and hope for the best? I also went to Woodlawn and took an additional 5 images there, but the 11 should be in Greenacres.

My 231 pics from Hietaniemen hautausmaa should be from Helsingin ortodoksinen hautausmaa.  And 1 pic is pinned to Suomen kaartin hautausmaa and it should be in Helsingin ortodoksinen hautausmaa. Help?

Are there boundaries around each of these cemeteries? Typically this happens when boundaries are not around them. I think boundaries are now around each of them, and they should be attributed to the correct cemetery now. Please let support know if this is not the case

Thank you! :)

Now there is a problem with 6 pics also taken on Helsingin ortodoksinen hautausmaa 


and they are pinned to Suomen kaartin hautausmaa, which is nearby.


Help, I took 107 photos today that are being assigned to the Shrine of Rest Mausoleum. It is actually a Colorado Springs Park Ranger Garage inside of Evergreen Cemetery. I don't know where or if there is such a Mausoleum in side of Evergreen but it isn't a separate entity. My photos are literally being hijacked to a garage. Please help me fix this. The only place this listing for the Shrine of Rest exists is on BillonGraves, and Find a Grave. Thanks, Rie Snod


We rely on volunteers like you who live in the area to let us know whether or not certain cemeteries and/mausoleum places really do exist. We have removed the parking garage pin and merged it in with Evergreen at your request. Hopefully, your photos should now be in their proper place. 

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Thank you so much! You're help is deeply appreciated!
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