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How do I a new person to an existing cemetery?

This seems like it should be logical. Yet, not one place on the website does it say how to add a person to a cemetery!  Seriously, not one place.  They've been on Family Search for over a decade; so I know those records don't transfer to BG.

How do I add a record. I have photos of grand parents head stones and I can find no way to add them to your records. Need to know how.

@Bon & Rene Find the cemetery your records belong in. Scroll down to the blue bar that says "Add Headstone Images" or Add other records. This should go through step by step to add information. There are also many articles on our help desk that tell you how to add supporting records. Any record shared with our site taken outside of the app are called supporting records on our site. The help desk has "how to's" with photos showing you how to add any record to the site. 

Here is one of the articles: 

Here is another: 

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