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**Epitaph Box Needs improving.-AI-T

This request has been brought up before but seems to fall on deaf ears.  Please allow for a hard return in the Epitaph box so space could be implemented between lines so everything typed doesn't all run together.  Some graves have more than one epitaph and there needs to be a way separate all of this data.

FindAGrave allows for a space and a hard return in its inscription box so surely BG can do the same?

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I have basically stopped using the links because of that reason. I think the epitaphs should be delegated to the individual they are intended for and not to a group. I only use links when there is no individual information and/or epitaph for all individuals in a linked situation. Basically, just names and dates.

Here is how this works. Our files are done on a gravesite basis. So if multiple headstones are linked, it will be counted as one grave, including epitaphs.  We are in the process of updating our site, and hope to have some great features pushed out in the near future.  Things are not falling on deaf ears, we are just in the process of  major tech improvements and innovations. We are also soon to be updating the site. This is one of many feature requests that people desire for the site. 

Hopefully, we can get some of these issues done with our revision. We ask for your patience!  :)

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