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Photos Saving to a Non-Existant Cemetery

Two St. Volodymyr Cemeteries were merged and now my photos are saving to the one that merged into the other one, meaning that they don't show up in St. Volodymyr and the only way to access them is through my photo map. How can I make them all go to the correct St. Volodymyr? The other one does not have a cemetery page and is just linking to the new one when clicked.



There seems to have been two BG entities, St V Uk Cem and St V Uk Cem (West Oak Mem G.) When those two were merged, the merger saved the name as S V Uk cem (West Oak), and put all the image pins within that boundary. You should send a reply to BG support and ask them to make sure that all the images you recently upload are reassigned to the new combined entitiy. After that is done your photos should come up for transcription as usual. That looks like a huge amount of work to take that many photographs; thank you. Are you fluent in transcribing Ukranian script?  

?? SOLVED THE DUPLICATE CEMETERIES. THE original poster did not respond to clarify if all the photos were in the correct place. 


Thank you! The problem seems to have been resolved as of now.

I'm not fluent, but I've found a reliable translation method which, when combined with cemetery's online index, allows me to figure out who is buried where.

Thank you!

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