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Photo Request Updates? GH 237

I've noticed several of the photo requests in my area have either been fulfilled or tagged as the person is verified not buried at the cemetery they listed. How long do photo requests that are fulfilled or cannot be fulfilled kept in the list? It seems a waste of time to keep checking local cemeteries for requests when the same ones keep coming up.

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Can you tell me how I can honor a photo request? I am trying to accept a photo request but when I do it tells me I have no untranscribed photos in that cemetery but I do have the requested untranscribed photot(waiting to transcribe once I fulfill the photo request)- here is the request: Washington Park East Cemetery (Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States)

Given Names Family Names Birth Death
Thomas "Shorty" AltonThompson 19231999

Bruce Zatz requested a photo from GARDEN OF MEMORIES CEMETERY..I contacted them to locate the grave of Jarvis Midgett. They said that due to reduced staffing from the virus problem they weren't doing grave locations, only handling burials etc. Asked me to check back in three weeks.

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