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How to remove names incorrectly added as "buried here"

Names of children listed on this person's headstone have been added as "buried here" when they are not (they are still living). I cannot figure out how to change them to "not buried here". I edited one by removing the name but it now shows as "Unknown".

These have been fixed by our support staff. When this problem has occurred, you simply need to place a ticket with support and they will take care of it. 

The grave marker associated with Albert Murl Stoddard 1924-2001 is that of his son Albert Gordon Stoddard 1952-1997.

Here's another one. Verner Alan Emmett died at sea near Turkey during WW1. He is not buried at Boyanup, but remembered on his parents' headstone.

@FEF If a person is remembered on a stone you add it in whether they are "buried there" or not. Verner Emmett died in WWI, but his parents chose to memorialize their son on their memorial. Most people will understand that he is buried elsewhere, but memorialized in a cemetery closer to home. You can also add in on the notes that he is buried in Turkey. 

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