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**Satellite images of cemeteries-DK

I'm wondering how the Satellite images were done. In so many of the cemeteries that I look at, the trees obscure so many of the headstones, it is difficult to place the markers correctly. Is there any chance that we might get images from late fall, after trees have shed their leaves, or early spring, before they are fully leaved?

maybe you can ask users to upload photos made by drones?

I have two other related questions. I find when zooming in on satellite images the image changes from lush summer photos to images that appear to be winter scenes. Why the change? 

I also notice the farther you zoom in the image suddenly gets blurry. I'm attempting to move marker dots to a more accurate position on the satellite image ( moving dots off of roads or outside of fences )  and Just when you are getting close to pick out specific grave markers the image gets blurry.  I don't have that problem with GMap images.

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