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Missing Request

I just went out to fulfill a photo request that took about a week. The cemetery had merged and it took several days to get the location of the grave and when I got there it was covered with grass so it was hard to find. I finally got the picture and I went to upload it and lo, the request is gone! I’m a little angry. I got the pictures and it was a little difficult. You have no way for me to get in touch with the requester. I do have a backlog but I was in the hospital for five months and I start working on them and then this. Phooey!

Can you tell me what cemetery and what individual you took a photo of? 

A. Weeks requested a photo from Morris Cemetery in Phoenixville, PA. of the grave of Isabella R. Sexton. I found the grave but it was very difficult. I also have a map and plot guide to the cemetery to send her. I have to retake the picture because they all came out videos. Sorry. I also have a backlog because I was ill from December to July of this year and in no condition to notify you or the people about my incapacity. I am willing to work on the backlog but it will be slow as Cemetery walking is not my forte right now.

If you look at the photo requests it looks like the user who posted it changed the name, but it is still there. It is under Isabella Reustle. The only people that can remove a request fully is the person who placed it our our staff, I checked with our staff, and no one has removed any photo requests for over a month. I checked the web page under volunteer, and it is still there:

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