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Kissam-Tredwell Cemetery Kings Point, Nassau, New York

This cemetery has no markers anymore. However, a user has attached a four page listing of who was buried here from the 1600's to the 1800's. This can be found here: 

These will need to be added in as supporting records since the graves no longer exist. Please list the pdf file in the notes as the source, also please list the relationships on each of the memorials in the epitaph section. 

Example: #8 Infant/daughter of/ Daniel and Peggy C. /Kissam/died May 4th, 1823/ aged 3 days. 

Infant Daughter would go under the given name

Kissam would go under the family Name

Birth would be May 1, 1823

Death would be May 4th, 1823

In the Epitaph- Daughter of Daniel and Peggy C. Kissam

These can also be added in as a batch file for those who know how to do this. If you don't, it would be an awesome learning experience as there are only 50 burials. 

Thanks A Billion!

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