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I appeal - you do not know the language, do not transcribe the gravestone

Volunteers rewriting gravestones appeal to you - if you do not know the Polish language (or other), do not rewrite Polish gravestones. 

For example, on our tombstone, the inscription: Przybylscy Jan, Maria, Genowefa - must be rewritten as: Przybylski Jan, Przybylska Maria, Przybylska Genowefa, not Przybylscy Jan, not Przybylscy Maria, not Przybylscy Genowefa !!! 

This is not the same. 


A Polish surname such as Mosiężna cannot be spelled Mocniczna!  Władysław is not Władtsaw etc. 

If I do not know Chinese, Greek, French and dozens of other languages - I do not transcribe gravestones in these languages. 

By transcribing gravestones, with such errors you create a mess and your work becomes unnecessary and we then have to correct the errors or the gravestones are unknown to search engines.

We will ALWAYS remove improper transcriptions. Please let us know which transcriber is causing damage in any cemetery and we can reset the transcriptions done improperly, as accuracy is our goal! Again if you are not fluent enough in a language DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRANSCRIBE PLEASE! 

Personally, I can only transcribe in English and German. I would never attempt Chinese, Polish, Russian, or Ukrainian as I don't know anything about these languages.  BillionGraves is a WORLD-WIDE initiative, we want all languages, cultures and communities represented. If you are not part of an international community and do not know how to transcribe in a language other than your own, please transcribe in your own language!  Thank You!

Agreed. Also, I'm transcribing in English and Hebrew and often headstones that have both languages are only transcribed in English leaving important information out. Also, Jewish death date can be a verification for difficult to read Gregorian dates, I've also corrected a few of those.

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