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**Shutter Click sound for Android Devices Ticket 13349-AI-P

 When I take a normal photo, outside of BillionGraves, my phone camera makes an audible "shutter click" sound.

That does not happen when I take photos in BillionGraves.  I miss that and it sometimes results in missing photos of graves.

The problem is that without that "click," the only proof I can find that the photos has been successfully taken is the blue circle very briefly spinning on the shutter the bright outdoor light of a cemetery that is often hard to see.  Of course the photo I've taken also shows up in a tiny thumbnail view at the bottom left, but in a cemetery where all the stones are similar, that's no real help either.

I have definitely missed gravesites and photos because I think I've hit the shutter, but not discovered it until later.  I've also ended up with multiple photos of the same stone because I can't tell whether or not I've correctly tapped the shutter button.

I cannot find any way in either BillionGraves, or on my phone, to force the app to make this -- or any -- sound.  I'd settle for any audible signal that I've correctly tapped the shutter button...something which confirms that I've actually gotten the photos in the bright outside light of daytime in a cemetery

Can you help me figure out how to do this?  If it is not currently possible to do this in the app, would you  add this feature?  It would be very useful to me

I use a Moto E4.

Thank you.  

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