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**Photo Accessibility Ticket-TI

I am looking to transcribe images that I have taken my self and I have read the related article - 

Transcribe photos you have taken yourself.

But if I am not mistaken that will give my every photo that I have taken at that particular cemetery and not just the ones that I want to transcribe. 

When I upload photos i will first go thru those that I want to transcribe myself, relatives, interesting monuments or sites that have unusual situations (markers grouped together or hard to read that I take several pictures in different lighting and angles, etc.). I mark  these as YES I want to transcribe. Then I upload all the others and click NO. So most of my cemeteries have a combination of photos I want to personally  transcribe and ones for the general public of transcribers. My question is how do I identify only the photos that I have marked to transcribe myself and not show me all the others? 

I thought I had found a way (at the top of each cemetery page was a tab that said Statistics. For a while I thought these were "my transcription requested" photos only). After  a couple of weeks I learned there were other photos that I had taken but were open to anyone to transcribe. 

Can photos that have been marked that I want to transcribe myself be put in its own file accessible only to the photo taker for 14 days rather being mixed in with all photos? That way I can easily find them to get them done before my 14 days expire. I have found myself using limited time transcribing open photos that others could be doing rather than using my time transcribing those I want to be involved with.

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