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Doubles in cemetery

hope this is right area as new to here , I'm migrating my info and photos from F.A.G . i have doubles in a cemetery at riverbank in stowe vt and not clear on your process    (has photo )     (no photo )  (no photo )  (has photo )  Married name Morse      no photo   has photo

the dates and info i can edit but don't know how to deal with doubles

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Should be easy for you to merge these:

1. Click on the record with photo (primary record) and see if there is an up-arrow in the blue Life Information bar.

2. Click on the arrow, and a new frame will open. If the two records are duplicates click on the Merge button and the second record will be attached to the primary record.

In the case of Jane McKee they don't show the arrow, because the born date is entered wrong. Edit to fix that, save it and then try again. I am checking them so I am sure if you do these steps it will merge them. 

Main thing is that the details of birth and death have to be exactly the same, and the name as well. Edit as needed to match the information on the photo of the stone (or other info you might have from Ancestry/Family Search etc.

Merge operations can be tricky - one thing to watch out for is that an incorrect merge may add other people that should not be linked, so make sure that each of the merge option offered are only for that person or family group. 

Give it a try. If you encounter strange things, reply back here and someone/I will try to help.


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