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**Make Searches Easier- ticket 13527-TI

Can you make searches easier without having to enter country, state and county. I am transcribing within a cemetery and there is a possible match. Viewing the picture is not always enough but to search for the individual is so drawn out, too many steps. And then when I am typing in the cemetery info the first ones that populate are always the furthest away. If I am searching MN then MN sites should come up first, not New England or Scotland or Australia. Each region of the world should have a default search area with an option to change for larger searches. The US base language is English so make the USA should be the default search area. Each user can enter their location and that would be their default setting. If I search the county next to mine I only have to change the county instead of entering everything every time. If I go to Iowa I need to change the state and county. I rarely leave the country so entering the country all the time is a nuisance.

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