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Customize the app Ticket 13515

Also as a request; it would be nice to have the app customizable so I can get it to work how it works best for me and Joe Nothercustomer can have it work the way it is best for him. For example, when I open 'Photos' I have a lot of cemeteries so I would much appreciate them opening in alphabetical order so I can search for them faster. You however,  may prefer to have the oldest show up first so you can clear your oldest before going on to the next set. And Joe is excited about the ones he just took and wants to do the newest ones first. We all are different and do things how we works the most efficiently. It would be nice to set photos as newest, oldest first or alphabetical and have it remain that way each time you open photos. I believe the default setting is currently set as oldest first. I don't just shoot my pictures, upload them all and delete from my phone because on weathered markers I often take multiple shots from varying angles in hopes that I get a good image of bad spots on markers. I can't just dump all my images because I find it confuses many transcribers, so I save them until I can find the best images or can link images to make it easier for all.

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