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**3 possible improvements ticket 13651-AI

1)    Allow only 4 numbers in the "Year" field, and limit the first digit to a "1" or a "2".    This will help eliminate some errors in entry,

2)  When BG uploads the military records, can you set it up so any Suffixes (I, II, III, IV, Jr, Sr) fill the Suffix field.    Currently these all seem to be going to the end of the First name field . . . which affects the sort order.

3)  In your older version, when you were in a Cemetery and went to the Listing of all Headstones section, you could select a page number to go to.    Now you have to click through multiple pages to get to the one you want to look at.     I do a lot of merging duplicate entries, and having this ability back would be very helpful to this work.

Thanks for considering my suggestions


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