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 might be a weekend glitch but the largest cemetery in NSW is missing

and it's also in two wrong places  -  0 inscriptions

I didn't mind when the various Rookwood's were combined, though that's a bit harsh, but it's not here at all

These are not correct and were removed. Look up Rookwood General Cemetery. Someone had changed the name to Rookwood Crematorium 

I didn’t mind some consolidation


The crematorium is not the whole

There’s three crems

An Anglican section

The Catholics section

and that church area off the top left of the cemetery, owing to boundaries not being set, there are many spots that should not be in the adjacent cemetery 

The ACI list shows most

If I can get a map of the different sections, managed by different entities, I can label them as Rookwood Cemetery- Anglican, Rookwood Cemetery- Catholic etc. 

Both main maps are easy to get, one is available on the rookwood,Au sir, the catholic one is searchable, there’s a small copy on findagrave

But the catholic is split, the more whole area and the NW corner

The Anglican map,is colour coded for the various entities that used to be as per the ACi separations

but then there are two crematoriums, and they have the crem, the rememberance walls and the flower gardens

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