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Wrong City, Wrong Cemetery

How do I notify BG or the photographer that at least 100 photos that they recently uploaded are in the wrong cemetery, in a different state? I can't figure out how that even happened.

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Send a new message to support with the following information:

1. URLS of each of the involved cemeteries.

2. URLS of several of the photos involved. 

3. Maybe include the username of the photographer if you can find it. 

@Campbell2u or if you place it in reported issues it will go to the proper channels please have the URL of the cemeteries involved. Thank You!

The Escalante Utah Cemetery is incorrectly identified as the Tropic Cemetery. The city of Tropic is about 25 miles west of Escalante on Highway 12. The photo of the cemetery shows the arch over the entry way as being the Escalante Cemetery which is on the eastern edge of Escalante, Utah. . My parents and grandparents are buried in the Escalante Utah Cemetery, not the Tropic Cemetery. 

Dave - I corrected the name on Escalante, and made sure the true Tropic Cemetery was also correct. 

Thnx for putting all my family back together +Pete Indian, Navajo blanket/horse trader, who requested to be buried near my great grandfather.
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