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Person linked to wrong cemetery with wrong picture

Hi I am new to billion graves so need some help. Thanks to billion graves I visited my great grandmothers grave on the weekend. Maria Berntzwiller. I discovered her husband Louis Charles Berntzwiller was also on the grave so wanted to add his details to your site. I managed to add him but he’s been linked to the wrong cemetery and grave photograph. How do I amend this?

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We fixed this issue for you!  I only wish the photographer had been more careful and would have taken a photo of the bottom of the gravesite with your great-grandfather's information as well. At least the GPS location is there for someone to take another photo!  Thank you for adding in the supporting photos for more information!

Hi there , I have two photos of GNR A.E Broadbents plaque attached to my Gt Grandfather  Charles Reid

Died: 19 Jul 1925. They are nothing to do with him, and I don't know why the photographer  VAMunro

February 28, 2016 has attached them. Can you please remove them. I thought I had dealt with this some time ago. 

If this happens again is there a way for me to fix it myself..

Kind Regards

Raewyn Fitton 

@Raewyn This has been taken care of. 

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