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When this happens please don't panic!  This usually happens when boundaries are not placed in their proper place or cemeteries were accidentally not added in. 

Before sending in a ticket to support please do the following:

#1 Make sure the cemetery is in the correct location with the correct name

#2- THIS IS CRITICAL! MAKE SURE BOUNDARIES ARE PLACED AROUND THE CEMETERY!  Boundaries attribute pins to the correct location. When boundaries are not around a cemetery it can be attributed to the wrong cemetery. 

#3- Give 24 hours after a boundary change to see if the pins will be attributed to the correct location. (It should!) If not please send in a ticket to support at Please give them the URL's of the Cemeteries involved. Simply stating that you went to a cemetery and they went to the wrong location is not enough for our staff to figure out how the issue can be addressed. 

Thank You!

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