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**reverse of headstone marker-OI-P

Add a feature to reverse the military headstone marker to show the partner/wife listed on the backside

Can't you just attach the two images?  There are lots of stones with information on the back (or sides) of the stones, not just military stones.  I just attach them all together.

When I link a front and back I have to undo the link, then transcribe each side and relink them.  It is cumbersome to have to remember to unlink then find the two images and redo them.  I have to keep notes on paper to know what went together sometimes because the programming doesn't.

I noticed it at my parents site in Arlington.  Mother is on the back of the gravestone.  I think the app allows the user to see nearby sites but mom did not appear.  It would be cool to program like Google does in their street view but that is more work than it is worth.  Thank you for the reply

I don't understand that.  The camera doesn't know that you are filming both sides of a military headstone.  It will link whatever images you tell it to link.  I don't know why you would need to unlink them.  You can just hop back and forth between pictures but keep the transcription page the same.  I do this when I have to take multiple pictures to get around foliage in front of a headstone.  Why do you unlink them?

I transcribe and save the transcription from one of the linked images.  When I transcribe the other side it won't save to the site if it is linked.   I'm using Safari as my web browser.  I volunteer for a different kind of volunteer website too.  A problem we found is that the site works and looks different in different browsers.  I'm having many problems using a touch screen instead of a mouse.  I can't do cemetery boundaries, for example. I stopped using the link function until after I transcribe multiple stones and multiside stones.

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