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Thumbnail not available,%20KwaZulu-Natal)&other=0

I have uploaded 30 images here.

Most of them failed. If I click on any of the "Thumbnail not available" links, I get the Image failed to load message.

How do I get rid of these?

This typically means that your device ran out of space and the photos could not be saved. When this happens our app saves them as blanks. We are so sorry about that! I can remove the blank photos, as they will need to be retaken.  We have removed all of the blanks. 

As per my comment on this post:

I have loads of space on my device.

This is the due to internet connection failing during the upload. The system on the server does not roll back, because it is expecting high speed connections and is not catering for flaky connection. A typical problem with 1st world systems where this is not an issue. 

Please look into it and make an improvement to the system for those of us who do not have these privileges. I live in a rural area, slow internet connections and often interrupted. I see it so often with systems in the 1st world. Short sighted and very frustrating. 

Kind regards

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