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I'm quite new to using BG.  I have photos of the Mills, Utah cemetery and also the Hall Ranch cemetery near Mills, Utah.  They are several miles apart.  When I click on the Mill, Utah cemetery the satellite map locates it but the photo next to it is my photo I submitted last summer of the Hall Ranch cemetery which contains one or possibly 2 graves, whereas the Mills cemetery contains about a dozen.  How do we clean this up?

@Jones.steven We have fixed this issue!  Hall Ranch Cemetery wasn't added in, so the photos were showing in Mills Cemetery. Mills does not have any photos yet. We remedied the issue by adding in Hall Ranch Cemetery and placing borders around it so the photos would be attributed to the correct cemetery. 

Franklin Pierce McLaughlin's photo name is misspelled. If you look closely you will see the name does not end with a d. It ends at the n. He was  Medical Doctor and the gravestone has the MD after his last name. 

@Paul This has been fixed.

Thank you for fixing the Hall Ranch cemetary in Juab county.  The Mills cemetary says it has zero images and only 1 supporting record, which I can't seem to see.  I thought there were about 10 images and several supporting photos.  What happened?


@Steve most of the photos taken were of the same grave. These have been merged into one record.  There is still another grave there that hasn't been transcribed yet, but the headstone is impossible to read. It is surrounded by red pavers and has a stone at the top, that is so warn, it can't be read. If you have information on who is buried there, I would be happy to add it.  I remember that there were several of the same image. I picked the best of what was there. The blurry photos, I removed, as I thought, why not choose the best photos from all of the photos that are the same?"  I hope this didn't frustrate you too much!  All photos remaining are those that are clear and beautifully display the grave. 


Sounds like we need to re-photograph that cemetery.  Is that what you think?  If so, it will have to wait until late spring as access is via miles of dirt roads and I expect it is snow covered now.  Let me know what to do.  There are about a dozen graves marked there, some with illegible markers.

 When I click on the Mills Cemetery-Utah all I get is a satellite view.  How do I see the headstone?

@jones.steven Oops!  I was looking at the Hall Ranch Cemetery, I am so sorry! The last time we worked together, I was fixing Hall Ranch and putting boundaries around Mills.  Currently we do not have any images in Mills Cemetery, although would love to have images of it. Utah has had so many photos taken in most of the cemeteries. I am actually surprised there is one we missed. 

 I too am from Utah. I love the history and love capturing graves from my "neck of the woods", so to speak. I am currently working on Salt Lake City Cemetery recapturing some of the oldest graves in Salt Lake County. Is the Mills Cemetery full of pioneer graves? Is there documentation on who is buried there? I would love to help get the records all in there, even if there are only a few graves.  If we could take photos using the app, this would be even better, as we could then have the GPS location for the graves as well. If there are only a few actual stones, but more people buried there, I can create burial records as well, or we can make paper graves for GPS location. I have done this for my ancestors all over the US in rural locations. This makes the location of the grave at least known. 

First, the Hall Ranch cemetery: It is on a hilltop quite some distance from the road to Mills from I-15 on private property on the ranch owned by the Hall family near Mills, Utah, about 30 miles from me.  Jerold Hall, who lived on the ranch, recently died.  I don't know where he was buried, possibly next to his son on the hilltop.  When I was there last June, it had one beautiful upright headstone for Jeold's son. There appeared to be a second, smaller, unmarked grave nearby.  I planned to ask Jerold about it - too late now.

Second, the Mills cemetery is about 5 miles west of Mills, Utah on a hillside west of a well-used dirt road leading to Leamington & Oak City.  It appears to be on private property near the road.  There are perhaps a dozen graves, some with death dates over 100 years ago.  The newer ones are easily read.  Some spots appear to be graves without markers.

In the spring I will plan to go and photograph Mills cemetery using BG app and take notes of anything that may supplement the photos.  I will also ask about Jerold's burial and attempt to find out about the mystery grave by his son's.   Mills is in the Levan 1st ward, Nephi stake, my stake.

@Jones.steven Perfect!  Please let me know if there is anything you need us to do to help!  We are good at researching old records if needs be. 

I have just become aware of three more burial sites in Juab county.  One between I-15 and Utah 78 west of Levan, one near Levan on a ranch under a big pile of rocks, and one up a canyon southeast of Levan.  Amazing what can be learned by talking with a small-town bishop.  I plan to check them out when the weather improves.

@Jones.steven I would love to see these documented!  It is so important to remember people!  Thank You!

I am going through my cemeteries (slowly) doing cleanup and I noticed that I photographed two 'foot' plaques and now forget which headstone they belong to.  Could you delete these for me, please?

Thank you,


@Lynn Done!

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