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cleanup database

I'm quite new to using BG.  I have photos of the Mills, Utah cemetery and also the Hall Ranch cemetery near Mills, Utah.  They are several miles apart.  When I click on the Mill, Utah cemetery the satellite map locates it but the photo next to it is my photo I submitted last summer of the Hall Ranch cemetery which contains one or possibly 2 graves, whereas the Mills cemetery contains about a dozen.  How do we clean this up?

Thanks a bunch, once again!!


Trying to transcribe is now becoming quite tiresome and frustrating for three main reasons.
1.  A huge number of photos have already been transcribed but keep popping up.
2.  The same goes for unreadable headstones.  Even though I red flag them they may turn up three or four times during a session.
3.  Even over a period of several months there seem to be very few new headstones to transcribe.  Are we nearing the end of the project?

@Terry The project is always ongoing. You keep getting the same stones because there are few stones in the database. Most people in the Northern Hemisphere do not go into cemeteries in the winter. We also have more transcribers that photographers. This means that photos released to the public are often done within 24-48 hours. 

I have been cleaning up cemetery pages and have come across a record where all family members mentioned on headstone have been added as buried here. Could you please fix this?

I am not familiar with any Bentley ancestors nor have I photographed this tombstone.  Am I missing something?

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