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No data on search engine

As a New Zealand subscriber to BG I was surprised to find there is only one person in the entire country that shares my surname of OBrien. I didn’t realise before subscribing that I was so unique although on a more serious note I can nominate dozens of relatives who have died and I know exactly where they are buried including their dates of death. The cemeteries they are buried in are all recognised by the app and I can trace other relatives with different surnames without difficulty. So what’s the problem with my surname? Regards Anthony OBrien

I will turn this over to our technical staff, as this is perplexing indeed!

The app search engine appears to have a specific data block for my surname OBrien which only relates to NZ. I can review OBriens anywhere else in the world though?. My work around for the problem is to use your email as the entry point and then all the NZ data readily appears so it’s a bit of a mystery. The app worked OK until around late 2017. Thanks for looking into the problem
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