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Accurately Reflecting the Narrative on a Cemtery that Has Had Multiple Uses Over Time

I'm new to a and registered to add some records related to a county potter's field.  It was used as the county cemetery until the 1950s when a religious order bought the property and established a school.  The order of Catholic Sisters created a cemetery for members of their order on part of the ground.  When I visited I discovered someone had set up a record for the sisters, but I'm interested in documenting the potter's field where up to 200 people were buried in unmarked graves.

QUESTIONS:  Should I create a new cemetery record site for the Potter's Field as its use is different and historical?  also, since those graves were unmarked, is that a problem?  Thanks for any suggestions. 

Here's the site I'm referencing:

I will visit the site tomorrow and take a picture of the one tombstone for all the unmarked graves?  t

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Yes, a new cemetery should be added. If we can get records of who is buried there, these can be added in as supporting documents. We will also want a photo of the main stone for the GPS location. 

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