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Added new cemetery but photos downloaded to nearby cemetery

Help, I asked for a new cemetery to be added, Cimetiere Communal, Villeneuve les Beziers (43.320073  3.278673)

I was warned not to confuse this cemetery with a nearby cemetery, Cimetiere-Vieux  at Sauvian.

 I took 193 photos at Villeneuve les Beziers  but these have been downloaded to Cimetiere Vieux at Sauvian (43.292715 3,264316) instead. Can you please move them to the correct cemetery.

By the way, my phone shows 193 images downloaded, but the page for Cimetiere Vieux Sauvian only shows 123 images.

Thanks Richard

@Richard  I fixed this issue. All of the stones should be in their proper place. 

Thanks, that looks good, Richard.

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