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Age At Death not always calculating Ticket 1744 Gh#298

I have submitted this request previously (within past few of months).  Since my first submission, I have been paying closer attention to those few times when the age at death populates.  I am using a Mac, and the age at death ONLY populates when BOTH the DOB and DOD occurred in October, November and/or December.  Any other month or combination, the age at death DOES NOT populate.  It also makes NO difference whether I'm in SIMPLE MODE or ADVANCED MODE.  Also, the age at death DOES populate in either SIMPLE or ADVANCED mode when I have transcribed in the past using a PC.

Perhaps the issue when transcribing when using a Mac is some missed code in the program for pulling the information from the DOB and DOD to calculate the age at death.  It doesn't make sense that the age at death will populate when the dates for either event are October, November and/or December.  Again, there were NO issues with the age at death populating with the correct information when I used a PC to do my transcription work.

Can this issue please be reviewed and figured out by the programmers?  It is frustrating to not have that information populate when transcribing using my Mac.

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