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Billion Graves shows a Family Search symbol against a Billion Graves record when they have been linked. Why does the link state 'Birth Year (or Death Year) Not Available' when both are in Family Search?

Example https://billiongraves.com/transcribe/19928940

Hi, I just watched the two beginner videos on transcription.  Yes, after doing thousands of them I finally checked out the instructions. Neither one addresses the input of maiden name, though there is one in the example.  Military info is instructed to be in the "description" section.  The instructions for eptaphs shows typing, "epitaph."  The website version doesn't mention that you can just type the answer instead of scrolling.  

I'm guessing that the videos were made for an old version of Billiongraves and weren't updated when Advanced Mode was included for Maiden name or a Military Info section was added. The videos when revised should include an extra version that details the boxes on the forms such as, when to use MRS, are periods necessary after initials and abbreviations..........  I don't know if I'm doing everything correctly.   When you Add a Person Not Buried Here, what exactly does "relationship" mean?  If it is John Doe's grave and it says, " Son of William Doe," when I add William Doe, I'm guessing that I should put Father, but I'm not certain that's what is meant.  Relationship to the Deceased?  or Deceased's relationship to this person?

We are currently working on updating our videos. We suggest looking at the help desk articles. These are much more up to date. 

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