Do you want to know what you can do with a cemetery with very few headstones and no possibility of GPS?

We love cemeteries here at BillionGraves, of course we do, as we have captured quite a few in the life of our company. Many people write in to ask what can be done with cemeteries without a lot of stones. Let me present to you this one in Milton, New Zealand... Milton Cemetery (St. Johns)   Hopefully, someday we can get GPS locations for the few graves found here, in the meantime we are building a database for users to find their ancestors. 

What is left of Milton (St. John's)

The background to this cemetery is fascinating. St. John's Church of England Burial Ground was at one point attached to the St. John's Anglican Church in Milton. Some of the oldest pioneers who came from other lands and settled New Zealand were buried here. Unfortunately, over time, the church itself was torn down. The cemetery was turned over to private hands, and largely forgotten, other than the few stones that are scattered and still exist today. 

Currently, this cemetery is part of an active archaeology site.** Archaeologists believe that there are over 200 burials in the cemetery, even though there are only seven readable stones that exist in the area.  The Ministry of Health is allowing only known descendants of those known to be buried on the property on site. 

At BillionGraves our team has been working with an individual who has been trying to restore dignity to those interred here. This user had photographs of the graves that did exist (without GPS) and  has started adding in additional burial records for those buried in St. John's.  Our team has been finding obituaries and death notices from New Zealand Newspapers to give proof to the exact burial location.  (This is still a work in progress, but gives a good idea of what can be done with supporting records.) 

For those interested in doing this to a local unmarked cemetery, this is a perfect example of what can be done that still provides genealogical proof, that we here at BillionGraves strive for! 


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