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Hebrew Dates - The month of Tishrei is missing in list Ticket 14405 GH 299

Graves in Israel usually have Hebrew Dates written on them. Billion Graves supports entering those Hebrew Dates but one Hebrew month is missing in the dropdown list - the first month of Tishrei.
When this grave ( was initially transcribed it had the correct Hebrew month of death (11 Tishrei 5707), because back in 2015 the month of Tishrei was on the list, but when I edited it a few months ago to add the Gregorian dates, I didn't notice that the Hebrew month got lost, and ever since then I cannot fix it because the dropdown list of Hebrew months is missing the first month of Tishrei. 
In the attached screenshot you can see the existing list. Above it there should be: Tishrei (תשרי).
After I reported this issue on Oct 11 I received a message on Oct 17 that it is resolved, but it is not.
I'm using Windows 10.0.18362, Chrome browser 78.0.3904.108 (64 bit) , but the same is happening in Edge.
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