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I have to unsubscribe from Billion Graves.  I am being charged on my credit card for next year and i don't want to pay it.  I havent been able to use the website more than a few times.  Please remove me from the membership after the curretnt year.

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At the help desk we do not remove memberships. You can do this in your own account by logging in, clicking on the gear icon above "view my profile", scrolling down to BG+ subscription, Clicking on manage subscription, and finally clicking on cancel subscription. Yes, it is that simple!  Look at help desk articles relating to managing your subscription, and there will be photos there on just how to do it. 

This doesn't work, When I scroll down, there is no category for BG - subscription.

@Alane Send an email into It doesn't look like you have an account with the email you have been using.  Do you have an account under another email? This is another I used for awhile,
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