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Uploading from 1+ 7T Android - Only partial transfer

Today, only half of my photos have successfully been uploaded to the site from my 7T Android. I performed 3-requests and each request has partially failed an upload. Repeated requests to upload have been answered with "cannot upload Image" and when "select all" and the "upload", the reply is "Already uploading images". 

Can you guide me thru a troubleshoot?

@M. Krizansky What version of the app are you currently working with? You may need to try the latest version that will automatically upload if you are near wifi. 

I'm on 5.1.3 v 114, Ki dly let me know if I'm delinquent on updates... m
The below result has been unchanged for 2-3 hours

Androids can be a bit temperamental. Try loading the latest version of the app. Log out of the app and then log back in using your email address.  If this doesn't work...I can try to see if a new beta app will work for you. Try these items first. 

Logout and new login has no effect, upload remains frozen. M 

Try using this. It is in Beta, meaning it hasn't been perfected yet. However, this one has an automatic uploader that once you are on Wifi the photos should upload automatically. 

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Looking at one series of shots, 4 uploaded successfully, 4 in the batch failed.
Awaiting update, thanks.... M
Success, uploaded remaining photos on "cell data" Shall I continue w/ the BETA version or return to last issued. And thanks, saved me some mileage. M

This beta version will be the updated version within the next few weeks. I would just keep using it. Watch for an update, when it comes out. :)

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