Some of our transcribers are making some HUGE mistakes. Please note that if the following happens and we get multiple complaints about your transcriptions your transcriptions will be reset:

1- Any military transcriptions in Military Cemeteries World-Wide that do not include military rank, or information on the stone, will be will lose the transcription, as your total count. We have reset some done by a few transcribers that have transcribed thousands of military stones, that only had a name...

2- Maiden names of women MUST be placed in the maiden name box. In transcription, click on advanced: place the maiden name in the box. If you choose to place the maiden name in with the first name, you will lose the transcription as it will be reset. 

3- DO NOT TRANSLATE THE STONE!  If it is in Polish, Czech, Russian, Hebrew, German, Spanish, or any other language, please leave it in the language it is written in. If the stone is translated it will be reset. 

4. IF YOU CAN'T READ THE STONE LEAVE IT!  Do not place UNKNOWN or ???? in the box PLEASE!!!! If the writing is there, and you can't read it leave it for an expert....yes we have those!  It would actually be preferable to send in the URL to our support desk....most of them can read the oldest of stones that are in English, Spanish, German or other languages. Here is a rule of thumb, if you can't read it  but there is writing on the stone send it in to an expert, with the URL. If our experts can't read it, these may stay in as green pins until someone local can solve it.  Green pins are a challenge, but are not undesirable. If the stone is completely unreadable RED FLAG IT!  If it is in a language you do not speak, LEAVE IT ALONE, LET SOMEONE ELSE DO IT! Or, if you know it is in German, Russian, Ukrainian or Hebrew, blue tag it with the correct language tag. 

Thank you for all your volunteerism, we have had multiple complaints lately by users who transcribe military cemeteries or transcribers in other countries, who are very frustrated that their stones have been done improperly.  

We appreciate all you do!  We couldn't do this without you!


The BillionGraves Team

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I had quite a few that were tagged unreadable or bad photo. because they were in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian,  and Greek.  Also since I do further research on plots and nameless stones I do find most owners in time.   I am glad those with ??? and  no names with substituted symbols for letters are reset to be identified correctly by someone else.   How about once it is tagged foreign language  especially the unknowns go to their language pools and or once the language is identified  will be  transcribed correctly.  

Once it is tagged with a specific language it does go into a pool for that language so it can be identified. If you will send in those with ??? and unknowns, we can reset these as well!  :)

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