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Ignore quarantine?

Received an email from you today suggesting I ignore quarantine reguations and go out to photograph gravestones. Unbelieveable!

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WE ARE NOT SUGGESTING FOR ANYONE TO VIOLATE STATE MANDATED STAY AT HOME ORDERS!!!!  Not everyone has been told to strictly stay at home.  For some communities, world-wide, people are allowed to leave their home as long as they maintain a safe distance from others.  Typically, these are people in rural communities or suburbs of cities.  For example, Many of our employees are located in Lehi, Utah. In our state, we are allowed to leave as long as we maintain a distance from others. Many families have taken the opportunity to go on hiking trails, and go for walks. On the other hand, some  of our employees live in Indiana, where strict stay at home orders have been put in place. They can not leave their homes, and we would not suggest violating community guidelines.  In large cities, and other communities where stay-in-place orders have been made, please use common sense, and follow mandated laws in your community. We want everyone to be safe, and to follow the law!    

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