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**Military Transcriptions- New Zealand-AI

 In my travels through various cemeteries I have come across the Kaikoura Cemetery in Kaikoura, N.Z. (

There has been some recent activity in this cemetery with several military tombstones awaiting transcription.

I refer you to one military entry for Cyril A. W. Scott ( which appears to be fairly typical of New Zealand military tombstones (at least in this cemetery)

Clearly the information on the tombstone does not easily fit the Military Transcription model that we use for predominately American military tombstones. The rank structures are different, the nomenclatures for the various military combat structures are different and of course the names of the individual military regiments are different.

Would it be possible to create the necessary tables to be able to enter the New Zealand information in a standardized format? For instance the rank "SPR" shown on the sample tombstone equates to "Sapper".

As a starting point for research into this question I have found a website for the New Zealand Army ( which lays out the rank structure of the Army together with the current Order-of-Battle.

I have also found - relevant to the sample tombstone - a listing of military personnel from World War II (  This website connects the soldier Cyril A. W. Scott to his service in World War II through his service number which appears on the tombstone.  The service number appears to be on most military tombstones, so perhaps it could be a separate entry box for New Zealand transcriptions.

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