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**Please move the merge feature to the right side.- Ticket 15858-OI

If I think about this before I start adding a name it works. That would be the image tools. When I start typing in names your suggested records to merge show up. Then I see a headstone that is partly in shade and sun. I would then like to adjust the image to see if I can see it better.

BUT that merge suggestions are blocking the image tools so that I can not see them. Please have them go away when I select the image tool.

OR better yet put it over on the right side in the gray area to the left of the red flag.

JUST keep it away from the delete image. My aim is not so good at times.

My work around was this. Since I had just started dealing with 5 linked stones I did refresh screen. But if I was on the last stone and had everything ready to save that would not work.

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