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**Incorrect grave descriptions-GI

Wouldn't it be really great if the transcribers and indeed anyone searching their passed relatives, be able to search the cemetery records database, rather than just manually deciphered  headstones.

It would also make the searches more accurate and far quicker than browsing thousands of undeciphered stones. It's 2020. Let's bring BillionGraves to 2020 too.

Here is an example of what happens when the records cannot be accessed by transcribers.

Current, erroneous entry at

implies that it belongs to Juho Viktor Salminen, with no dates.

See the attached pdf file for correct description for  the grave at K14. L12l H112:

Headstone or no headstone, you have the geo coordinates to the grave and the cemetary administration has the names of occupants on record by site number, How much cooler it would be to have a path from persons detail to geolocation and maybe even a photograph?
You are welcome.

Regards and thanks for being there.

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