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**Recent changes to photo orientation-DK

I have noticed a recent change in how the photos are, once they have been uploaded. I don't know if this is a recent upgrade or what since there is no notification to the user when changes are made.

Last year after uploading pictures they appeared in the queue in the horizontal position. I take most of my pictures in the horizontal layout except the taller thinner monuments. So in the queue my vertical photos appear on their side and the regular horizontal photos appear normal. And this year in the queue they look the same.

So when I started uploading pictures this year, I began to open the vertical photos to rotate them into the correct orientation. I was surprised and happy to see that the photo was already correctly oriented. I went to the next and then the next and found they were also correctly oriented. I thought, what was an issue was changed in a beneficial way. Good.

Until... I started working with what used to be the "normal" horizontal photos that were uploaded to the queue.  These too have been rotated so they appear rotated 90 degrees clockwise. They appear in the queue correct but when opened they are rotated clockwise. And here is the interesting part. When one attempts to correct the rotation, it acts as though they are not rotated at all. Here is what I mean: the photo appears a quarter turn clockwise so I used the rotate counterclockwise arrow. the photo rotates 180°, as if it was not truly rotated, so it is now a quarter turn to the right. Now I have to rotate it clockwise once to finish correcting it's orientation.

Okay that bugged me so I thought I would resolve that by inverting the camera to take photos. They upload to the BG queue now looking a quarter turn right. Now all I have to do is rotate clockwise once to correct the orientation. Not so. Even tho they look rotated they still act the same way as they were  taken, in this case upside down. I still have to rotate clockwise not once but twice.

So the big issue now is that when I upload picture, instead of just checking and correcting the photos that I took vertically, now I have to check EVERY picture I take. The vertical shots to make sure they are rotated (because in the queue they appear on their sides), and now every horizontal shot, which is the vast majority of my shots, to correct the rotation that has been added to everything put into the BG queue. So I've gone from checking 20 - 25% of my photos to checking 100% of all photos.

My request would be to PLEASE roll this change back to how it was. 

I tried to add a short video to demonstrate but the file is too large to send.

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