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Duplicate cemetery

One cemetery created twice.  Could they be merged. I have been there and there is only one cemetery at that location.

1st cemetery

2nd cemetery

We are seeing these at two separate locations about a mile from each other. Setters Cemetery only has one main cemetery pin.

There is a St. Margarets Cemetery about 5 miles west along #26 hwy, but it is a separate cemetery than the one I requested the merge for.  There is also a St. Annes Cemetery about 1.5 miles east of Setter along hwy #26.  The only other cemetery in the area is a Hutterite Colony cemetery which is closer, but it would be named for the colony, "Bloomfield Colony" to the east and north of Setter cemetery.  I know this as this is all within a 15 minute drive from my home.

I just checked the map and the issue has been fixed.

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