It displays the location of the record on a cemetery map, the number of Nearby Graves (BillionGraves Plus feature), the number of nearby family names or Family Plots (BillionGraves Plus feature), cemetery information (name and address), and information on downloading the free BillionGraves app. (Inside the cemetery, the BillionGraves app guides you to the gravesite.)

#1 Click Grave Site (left-hand column).

#2 Click the Nearby Records number (right side) to display the Nearby Graves section. 

#3 Click the <Name> Family in <cemetery name> number (right side) to display the Family Plots section.

#4 Click the cemetery's name to display the BillionGraves cemetery page.

#5 Click the cemetery's address to open a new web page, displaying the cemetery on Google Maps, with directions to the cemetery (click Directions on Google Maps).