It provides a way to record additional headstone information, and link to other family members from BillionGraves records.

#1 Click Family (left-hand column).

Headstone relationships:

#1 Click the plus  icon (right-hand side of the first title bar) to add headstone information.

#2 Fill in Given Names, Family Names, and relationship to original record.

#3 Click Add Relationship or Cancel.

BillionGraves record relationships:

#1 Click the plus  icon (right-hand side of the second title bar) to add relationship from other BillionGraves records.

#2 Fill in the form to find a BillionGraves record.

#3 Click Search.

#4 From the search results, click the dropdown list to select a relationship (e.g., Spouse, Parent, Child).

#5 Click Add or the cancel  icon (upper right hand corner).