It presents a map of the cemetery with pins that identify headstones. Enlarge the map and zoom in to see a manageable area of the cemetery.

#1 Click Search BillionGraves  to find an existing cemetery.

#2 Click Cemetery Map (left-hand column).

#3 Click LOAD MAP PINS (title bar) or LOAD <number> PINS (map) to display headstone pins.

#4 Click a pin  to see who is buried at that location.

#5 Click the name to open the Record page of that person.

Other options:

#1 Click the cluster  icon (right side of title bar) to display a cluster symbol with the number of headstone images in that section of the cemetery.

#2 Click the pin  icon (right side of the title bar) to hide or show headstone pins.

#3 Click the fullscreen  icon (upper right hand corner) to display the map fullscreen.

#4 Click the zoom in  button (lower right hand corner) to enlarge a section of the map, separating clusters of headstone pins.

 Click the BillionGraves Plus icon to access Family Plots (BillionGraves Plus feature).

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