It displays all photo requests for the selected cemetery, giving you an opportunity to help someone with their request.

#1 Click Search BillionGraves  to find an existing cemetery.

#2 Click Photo Requests (left-hand column).

Accept pending photo request:

#1 Click anywhere on a photo request row. This takes you to the Photo Request page.

#2 From the Photo Request page, click Fulfill Request or Reject Request.

#3 Fulfill Request: Click if you have an untranscribed photo of the requested record in My Photos.

#4 Reject Request: Click if you have substantial evidence that the headstone is not in the selected cemetery.

#5 Fulfill the request yourself with the BillionGraves app by going to the cemetery, and taking, uploading, and transcribing a photo of the requested headstone. (Follow the instructions on the Photo Request page).

Show all requests:

#1 Click the all request icon  (right side of the title bar). It displays all requests for this cemetery, including fulfilled requests. Pending requests is the default view.

Show pending requests (default view):

#1 Click the pending request icon  (right side of the title bar). It displays unfulfilled requests for the selected cemetery.

Add photo request:

#1 Click the plus icon  (right side of the title bar) to add a new photo request for the selected cemetery.