#1 Click Search BillionGraves  to find an existing cemetery.

#2 Click Cemetery Record Search (left-hand column).

Add Headstone Images

#1 Click ADD HEADSTONE IMAGES (right side of title bar) to add a file (image or pdf).

#2 Drop image on to image box, or use CLICK TO ADD IMAGE FILES.


#4 Review and Save panel: Read statement. Click the verify-photo check box.

#5 Click Upload Records or Back (to add more photos).

Add Supporting Record

#1 Click ADD A RECORD (right side of title bar) to add a supporting record.

As you move through the Supporting Record panels, click the back arrow  icon at any point to review and make changes to a previous panel. Click the cancel  icon (upper right hand corner) to quit the process at anytime.

Add A Record

#1 Choose a record type (e.g., Burial Record, Death Certificate).

Upload Files

#1 Drop an image or pdf file on to the box; or, use CLICK TO ADD IMAGE FILES; or click SKIP.

#2 If you added image files, click UPLOAD FILES AND CONTINUE.

Method of Disposition

#1 Select method (e.g., Burial, Cremation, Donation).

Record Names

#1 Fill out information (e.g., Given Names, Family Names).

#2 Click NEXT.

Life Events

#1 Fill out or update information (e.g., Birth Date, Marriage Date).

#2 Click NEXT.


#1 Answer Yes or No to the question, “Is there any information about this person’s family on this record?”

#2 Click Yes to fill out Marriage information, and Parent’s Information.

#3 Click NEXT.

Military Information

#1 Answer Yes or No to the question, “Is there any military information on this record?”

#2 Click Yes to fill out Military information.

#3 Click NEXT.


#1 Add any additional notes.

#2 Click NEXT.

Review and Save

#1 Click the back arrow to make changes.

#2 Click the cancel icon (upper right hand corner) to exit without saving changes.

#3 Click SAVE to keep changes.

Thank You!

#1 Click Add Another Record to continue.

#2 Click Done to finish.